PLDT/Smart vs Globe: Prepaid WiFi Promo Comparison

PLDT, its mobile subsidiary Smart Communications, and Globe Telecom offer something unique to the table and those are Prepaid Home WiFi kits. We compare their current prepaid offerings and identify which has the better offer.

Prepaid WiFi Kits offer something different to the usual portable WiFi modems. They tout double the signal coverage and reception, not to mention better stability compared to smaller WiFi kits. In this comparison, we’ll group PLDT and Smart’s Prepaid kit as one since they share the same promotional offers.

We used both devices a few times as backup solutions when our HQ internet was down, and here are our reviews:

They both offer their Prepaid WiFi boxes at Php1,995 each but differ on the prepaid promos they currently provide. Here’s a table to give you an idea:

Amount PLDT/Smart
15 1GB
1 day
1 day
50 3GB
3 Days
3 Days
199 12GB
7 Days
349 10GB
10 Days
599 15GB
30 Days
15 Days
999 65GB
30 Days
1499 100GB
30 Days

While Globe offers more HomeSurf options now compared to before, it’s a challenge for the users who want to avail a Plan 599 promo: Globe offers more volume albeit at a smaller time frame, while PLDT/Smart gives users 15GB of internet valid for 30 days.

It’s also worth noting that Smart and Globe Prepaid WiFi kits have direct access to their respective Prepaid internet promos such as GigaSurf, SurfMax, GoSurf, and SuperSurf, though we have seen the HomeBoost and HomeSurf promos to be more competitive and offer faster speeds in real life usage.

What was a fair battle is now a comparison of apples and oranges: PLDT has longer durations, while Globe offers more MBs. Which one would you want to choose? Let us know down the comments section.

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